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A world without the art of the stylist would be a drab one indeed. But thanks to their skill, we can always reflect beauty and grace where it matters most — our living spaces.

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Fashion has been a vital part of human identity throughout our history. And it’s all thanks to the craft of the ever-inventive stylist. 
But reflecting individuality through the fabric of our clothes and interior fittings takes undeniable creativity. What’s more, inventing these concepts requires a truly delicate touch to bring the concepts to life. 
Only the most skilful stylist can combine practicality, craft and vision, let alone excel at them. 
From the Stylist’s Hands to Your Home
That skill is reflected in the Dulux Ambiance Stylist’s Collection. The range of special effect paint finishes adds a dash of grace to any room. Used in your home, your interiors will reflect not just your personality, but a true sense of style. 
Better still, they can in some cases do so with a far lighter touch than the fabrics do. 
For example, using too many velvet curtains, sofas and pillows can overwhelm a room. But the Crushed Velvet or Rich Velvet finishes harness the plushness of those materials, without feeling heavy-handed. 
The effect is to add a sense of intimate elegance — so intimate that this is a finish best used in a room you feel strongly reflects your personality. If you’re a foodie for example, it might be the dining room. 
Or perhaps you’re a lifelong book-lover? Then the Fine Linen finish might speak to you, and be best suited to your study, where it can sit alongside linen-covered books. 
Whatever your style, there is a finish in the Stylist’s Collection for you.

Stylist Inspiration

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Want a Home With Mystique? Play With Light and Dark
Crushed Velvet: SLCV001

Want a Home With Mystique? Play With Light and Dark

There are many elements of home décor you can contrast, but the most basic — light versus dark tones — packs an unmistakable punch. And don’t worry about being too even-handed: if both elements are exactly matched it’s hard for either to stand out. In a “low-contrast” modern living room, say one with 80 percent white tones, just a few strong dark accents will catch the eye. And if you don’t want to refresh your furniture to create that look, pick a special effects wall finish that achieves the same effect, like pairing a deep blue wall with a cheery yellow chair. Be inspired by the Stylist’s Collection from Dulux Ambiance, and suddenly your whole home can feel chic.

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