The Potter

Turning raw clay into something stunning takes more than skill. It takes imagination to see the potential in even the most unassuming of materials. Harness that imagination, and you can transform your home.

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The craft of the potter is one that demonstrates true transformation. Their raw materials are the humblest you can find. To many of us, a lump of clay is nothing but an unattractive mass of mud. 
But in that mass lies the potential to sculpt splendour. 
The potter has the imagination to shape that lump into something that takes your breath away, and has been showcasing that skill for thousands of years. 
Perhaps that’s why their works have the power to fascinate us; because their art feels timeless. 
From the Potter’s Hands to Your Home
To reflect the passion of the potter in your own home, the Dulux Ambiance Potter’s Collection is ready to inspire you. All you have to do is decide which special effect paint finish best fits you. 
Perhaps you want to juxtapose the shifting energy of a busy family TV room with a sense of order? That’s a perfect scenario for the Classic Brick finish, with its clean geometric lines. 
Or perhaps you live in cold climes and want to inject desert heat into your home, with the passionate flair of the Sunlit Sand finish. 
Whatever you want to feel, you can — with the Potter’s Collection.

Potter Inspiration

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If you’re passionate about interior design, you already know that a home is so much more than a purely functional space where we eat, sleep and relax. Every space within your home is in fact a reflection of who you are. Are you passionate about nature? Then your living room can become a haven of earthy tones with the special effects paint finishes of the Potter’s Collection. Love luxury? Your study can shimmer like metal, thanks to the Blacksmith’s Collection. And this reflection can go beyond room accessories — every wall is literally a canvas, waiting to reflect your personality. Ready to get started? Explore the Dulux Ambiance Artisan Collection  now.

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Weathered Clay