The Jeweller

The best jewellers bring luxury to life with soul, touching our emotions as we admire even the smallest works of art. Get inspired by that craft, and you can transform the biggest work of art — your home.

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From hypnotic gems to the feminine sheen of a pearl, a jeweller knows that their glittering raw materials speak for themselves. 
Harnessing their aura of luxury and turning them into masterpieces of craft doesn’t just require sharp tools. It requires a sharp eye, and the ability to blend richness and depth. 
The most precious jewels, after all, aren’t just the ones that take our breath away, but the ones that have meaning. 
It’s that added layer that makes the jewel resonate as a work of art worth keeping for a lifetime.
From the Jeweller’s Hands to Your Home
The spaces we live in already feel as valuable as any priceless gem. Why not reflect that value in your interior? 
It’s possible, with the Dulux Ambiance Jeweller’s Collection. 
Find the special effect paint finish that best reflects you, and your room will truly glitter. Harness the cooling glow of the Iridescent finish to add a dash of class to even the smallest of spaces — or add graceful intimacy to a spacious room. 
Want to create an air of luxury that ties to the broader world? Then showcase the cosmic beauty of the night sky with (what else?) the shimmer of Stardust. 
Whatever finish you choose, you transform your interior into a magnificent jewel-box. 

Jeweller Inspiration

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Go Bold with Gold
Molten Gold: JWMG001

Go Bold with Gold

They say black never goes out of fashion. But in Asia the colour, and texture, of gold is the true classic, a sign of refined prosperity for centuries. How can you bring that refinement into the arena of room design? When it comes to highlighting gold accessories, less is more — usually. Or, you can be bold and let gold cover a large area. With the Dulux Ambiance Molten Gold special effects finish, achieving an air of quiet grandeur is possible, even easy! And if you’re looking to pair gold with another colour, you can’t go wrong with black. 

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Molten Gold