The Blacksmith

The blacksmith has been an admired artisan for thousands of years — and no wonder. The ability to shape metal to your will is no easy task. But in the hands of a blacksmith, anything is possible. Especially when it comes to the potential to personalise your home.

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Without the craft of metalwork, human life would be very different. From the door frames and locks that keep our home safe, to the fittings that shape our furniture and rooms — all depend on the role of the blacksmith. 
All of these objects take years of training to skilfully craft. Step into a blacksmith’s workshop, and you can see the intricacy of their art — and the endless possibilities of their raw material. 
It’s no wonder, then, that so many want the craft of the blacksmith reflected in their home. 
From the Blacksmith’s Hands to Your Home
And while you can echo that artisanship through wrought-iron tables in the bedroom or a chic galvanised mirror, you can also take your room decorating ideas further. 
Be inspired by the five special effect paint finishes of the Dulux Ambiance Blacksmith’s Collection, and you don’t just personalise your home. You connect it to the history and craft of the blacksmith.
What does that mean for your rooms? It means that a cosy family space, full of soft pillows and low tables, can feel cosier still, anchored by the antique, warm texture of Burnished Copper. 
Or perhaps you want your simplistic bedroom to project an industrial-chic atmosphere? You can, with the Vintage Iron finish. 
Play with the character that resonates from metal, and every ambiance is possible, from old-school to futuristic, elegant to authoritative.

Blacksmith Inspiration

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